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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who's more pregnanter?

We were watching 19 Kids and Counting the other night (Yes, the show that used to be 17 Kids and Counting....and then it was 18 Kids and Counting and now it's 19 Kids and Counting!! The show about the Duggars who, as a friend of mine put it when they had their 18th kid, "Hey Duggars! It's a vagina, not a clown car!!" wow, that still cracks me up!)

So, we were watching the episode where Michelle gives birth to their 19th baby, Josie Brooklyn...if you consider an emergency C-Section due to preeclampsia at 26 weeks gestation "giving birth". And the emergency C-Section scene was pretty graphic. And the narration was quite candid, about how the mother and the baby can both die from complications caused by preeclampsia.

You don't realize how much your five year old absorbs and comprehends until you're in this position, innocently watching a family show which spawns a dozen thought provoking five year old questions.

Remember, this is a conversation with a five year old:

O - Mom, what would happen to the baby if you died while the baby was still in your tummy?
Me - Well, one of two things. If I died and the doctors caught it soon enough, they could still deliver the baby and the baby could live. OR, if I died and they didn't catch it soon enough, the baby could die inside of me.
O - What happens if the baby dies when it's still in your tummy?
Me - Well, if the baby died inside my tummy, I would still go to the hospital and deliver the baby, but the baby wouldn't be alive. that happened to Aunt Amy's baby and that happened to Aunt Tara's baby and they are both angels now. But not the baby Aunt Tara has in her belly right now, it was the baby before this baby. Chase's sister, Delphine. The baby she has in her tummy right now is alive.
O - Who's more pregnanter? You, or Aunt Tara?
Me - I am, by about a month or so.
O - Could you die when you go to the hospital to have the baby?
Me - Yes, Owen. I could die when I got the hospital to have the baby. But, that's not going to happen (all the while I'm thinking, don't promise him that you won't die, because, really, that's not a promise you can keep and then if you do die, he'll resent you for the rest of your life for breaking your promise).
O - Mom, I really hope you don't die when you have the baby.
Me - Me, too, Owen, me too. I don't think I will.

A deep, deep conversation with my five year old, all because the Duggars didn't get the message about the clown car.


April said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Heather, I needed that laugh this morning. And... don't worry, I'm confident it's a promise you CAN keep!

Detroit Girl said...

Awwww... poor thing! That is such a scary thing for a 5 year old to think about... you handled the conversation with grace! Great job!!

And holy funny... clown car!?! Totally sounds like something witty YOU would say! LOL! That did make me chuckle!

I'm sure your delivery with be SAFE and go smoothly... don't even want to entertain the thought for a SECOND that it won't! That baby boy will come out a fighting and you will be back in your sassy dresses and high heeled boots before we know it! :))))))

kid_curry said...

Hey was I nominated for a Sunshine Award and they means I get to nominate 12 of my favorite blogs. So, I am nominating you for a Sunshine Award. Keep up the awesome work.
Check out my blog to find out what to do next. . .

laurie said...

I stumbled on to your blog via Life with Kids (she follows my blog) and noticed that your name sounded familiar.. and sure enough you went to school with two of my sisters! Kelly and Christine!! Small small world!

Heather Leigh said...

Yes Laurie...Same Heather...and we were also neighbors back when Chris, Kelly and I were small and when you were much smaller, you might not remember me coming over to play. You and your other sister were much younger. At least you seemed much younger! We lived at the beginning of Rolling Acres Drive. Small world indeed.