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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Bird

Working from home today I took notice of one of my feathered friends hanging upside down from the bird feeder. I'd never seen any of my birds do this before and I thought it was kind of neat. So, I grabbed my camera.
Whatchya looking at fella? How cute are you? Looking for a worm?

Then some other birds came to visit the feeder. But instead of eating the seeds, they seemed to be pecking at this bird.

I took a closer picture of the bird and realized that he was only hanging upside down by one leg. See the other leg there in the photo?

Then I realized. He's not hanging upside down on purpose. He's stuck. Those other birds weren't pecking at him, really, they were trying to FREE him!!

So, I put on my black leather winter gloves, went out to the feeder, (sending three dozen birds that had been hiding amongst the evergreen branches flying off into the sky), and I inspected the situation. His foot was, indeed, stuck in the feeder!

I was able to release his foot with little effort and attempted to place him gently on the ground, but he immediately flew away. And, he didn't seem to be hurt one bit.

Fortunately, I had gotten to him in time.

Free Bird.

(Yes, I think that one day I'll be the old lady on the park bench with pigeons eating out of my palm.)


~Amy said...

Wow! Good thing you were home :)

~Amy said... I have that song in my head!

Kim said...

Still laughing about the park bench with pigeons eating out of your palm.

Yes...good thing you were home. Poor little guy. You made his day! Might have even saved his life. Wow, I say you are done for the day! :)

Life With Kids said...

i bet you felt good after SAVING that bird!! poor thing!!