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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Halloween Socks

Yes, Halloween Socks.

So, Jordyn cleaned out her closet earlier this week in preparation of buying new school clothes. Last night, she and I went through her THREE trash bags full of things that don't fit and that she doesn't wear any more.

Among the items was a pair of Halloween socks that still had the tags on them. I was going to put them in my gift closet (I could see putting them in a Ghosting basket this fall) so I set them aside from the rest of the stuff.

These socks had little orange jack-o-lantern pom poms on the back of them and when Owen spied them, he lost it. Oh that giggle. That infectious, hilarious giggle of his. He was drawn to them and had each of the pom pom jack-o-lanterns talking to each other for a while. Giggling and chatting.

He kept asking if these were his socks. Of course I said yes, you can have them at Halloween...figuring that by Halloween he would have forgotten all about this conversation and "his" socks.

He then proceeded to ask me if he could wear them now. Please mommy, Please? I said no at first, but then I gave in realizing that the $1 or $2 that these suckers probably cost, would be worth it to contribute to his joy.

Well, let me tell you, he put these socks on last night and has not taken them off.(Did I mention that they are way too big for him?) He wore them to bed (he never wears socks to bed!) He plans to wear them to the pool party we are going to later today (he already asked me if he could). I wonder if he'll want to wear them INTO the pool? First day of preschool, maybe?

Oh, Owen, you make me laugh.

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