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Friday, August 22, 2008


(You know it's been a long time since you've posted when you have to actually LOG in to create a post.)

For the last couple of weeks, I've been keeping a gratitude journal. I keep it at my bedside and try to write in it every night (nights with too much alcohol consumption excluded).

I record things that have happened during that day for which I am thankful. Things like

~Relaxing on the deck with a glass of wine while Kev made dinner.
~Liam's good night prayers (Truly a treasure, and after he says amen he follows up every prayer with his hand stretched towards the ceiling and says "Here angel, take this up to God, please." Like he's passing the angel a note with special delivery instructions to God.)
~Owen's ability to crack himself up and his infectious laugh. (Literally, Owen cracks us up, we don't always know what he says and even when we CAN decipher what he's said, it's not that what he says is funny so much as how funny he thinks he is and this incredible giggle that accompanies it. Hilarious.)
~Jordyn's new found passion for cooking. (I've long wanted Jordyn to find something she's REALLY interested in - other than the Disney channel - and it looks like cooking might be it. Now, if we could just train her to have dinner ready on the table when we get home every night!!)
~Getting my fall pots and planters planted already with mums, aster, and sedum. (Gardening makes me happy.)
~Having a wonderful support group in my latest exercise and fitness endeavor (Thanks, HOTTIES!)
~Living in a war-free zone and the freedoms I and my children are afforded in this country (Unlike Georgia & Russia or Iraq)

Since I've been doing this, I've looked at the world with a slightly different perspective. A more grateful perspective. Instead of thinking things like, "My job sucks," I think "I'm getting paid well." Or instead of thinking, "This traffic jam sucks," I think "I have the mental and physical capacity to drive." Instead of thinking, "I'm a big fat slob," I think "I'm making an effort to get healthy."

Then, when I read this guy's blog, I give many many many thanks for not having been touched by such enormous grief in my life. Knock. On. Wood.

So, if you haven't purposefully thought about it lately, what are you grateful for today?

Be aware of your blessings. Be mindful of them. Celebrate them, no matter how big or how small.


Mindy said...

I'm grateful that you're back to posting great stuff on your blog!

Errica said...

You guys are killing me with the links to tragic, heart wrenching blogs. I read this at work and look very strange sitting at my desk crying. I know that stuff happens all the time but how aweful for that poor guy, it just breaks my heart. He takes some amazing pictures though.

Kim said...

Your words are so powerful.

Based on Errica's comment, I am going to choose not to read that guys blog. I have been reading too many sad things also. (4yr old girl who fell to her death from the Grand Canyon)