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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coin Angels

For the last SEVERAL years, even before we started dating, Kevin has saved his change. He filled one enormous jar after another, tossing whatever pocket change he had left at the end of each day into the jar.

Well, this past weekend, I decided to sort and count it. Sorting the pennies from the nickels and the dimes and the quarters took the most time to do, but the kids pitched in. Our hands got disgutingly dirty in the process.

The next most time-consuming activity was sorting through the quarters to retrieve the state quarters and adding them to the collections I have going for each of the 3 kids.

Then came the counting…..$584 and change in coins! We've earmarked the money for an in-ground basketball hoop, one that is adjustable and has a fiberglass backboard. Nice.

Liam was extremely helpful with the sorting, I called him the best penny picker outer ever. Jordyn helped sort and count quarters. And Owen? Well, Owen just loved PLAYING with the money (don't we all?) Here he is, in all his coin glory, making COIN ANGELS. And, yes, little 3 year old Owen, "coined" that phrase.


Kim said...

Wow! We just started doing this, I hope we can collect as much as you did!

How cute! :)


Queen of her Castle said...

Wow! I don't have the discipline to save for that long. The most we ever chased in was about $150. And it took me darn near forever to sort it by myself. Maybe next time I will let the kids help. I can see Harrison doing the same thing as Owen.

Becky W