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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Maiden Voyage

I've been lurking in the blogosphere for awhile now...reading various blogs - some occasionally, some regularly, some of total strangers, some of people I know virtually, some of people I know face-to-face. I've even been posting comments here and there.

And I've been contemplating and discussing with other bloggers the creation of my very own blog. A place where I can post musings about my life as a (well, just insert my blog title and description here) in the hopes that someone might care, check in on me once in a while, and maybe, just maybe, spark recognition, a smile, a chuckle, a guttural laugh, or a thought provoking moment in the mind of the reader.

Creating the blog was much easier than I thought. Choosing the layout and format for the blog, mmmm, not so easy. And actually creating my first post, aaaaahhhhhh forget about it!

But here it is. Finally. My very first post. My maiden voyage. Time will tell if my blog sinks like the Titanic or sails on and on and on like the Queen Mary (that one didn't sink, did it?)

Anyway, thanks for sailing with me. If you're a first class passenger, please post a comment and let me know that you're here. However, I can't promise you that there will be enough life boats for everyone in the event of an iceberg.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Really cool sis! What's YBB? Young, bright and beautiful? Because you ARE all those, even if that's not what it means.

I'll have to bring this up tomorrow for Jordyn to read.

And Dianna did show up Sunday, along w/her dad and other 3 sibs, 1/2 hour after y'all left. Bummer.

Blog on!