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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fire Pit

So, last weekend, my husband and I built this lovely fire pit down by our beach.

We bought a metal ring that was 42 inches in diameter and 12 inches high. After completely leveling out the soil in this particular location, we buried the ring about 6 or 8 inches. Then I hauled rocks from our as-yet-to-be-sodded lot to completely cover the outside and inside of the ring (more on my rock fetish in a future post). We were very proud of our handiwork. The only thing left to do is to fill the bottom with sand.

Despite needing to complete this last detail, we decided to take the fire pit for a test drive. So, last night, we grabbed the bag of marshmallows, a couple cans of bug spray, some roasting sticks, and enough beach/lawn chairs for everyone to have a seat. Here is what I learned:
  1. Marshmallow sticks in the hands of 3 & 5 year old brothers quickly become swords and have the great potential of outing someone's eye.
  2. The pit (with out the sand at the bottom) is entirely too deep which caused us to fear (and secretly hope) that one of the kids would fall in.
  3. It is better to bring the kids to the pit AFTER the fire has been started. Owen, much to our chagrin, wanted to roast his marshmallow in the paper flame before the logs took light.
  4. Man creating fire causes mounting frustration, especially when receiving tips from your brood along the lines of "Maybe you should rub two sticks together or hit two rocks against each other."
  5. Jordyn is as sweet as they come, perfectly roasting 2 mallows at one time for her baby brother to enjoy (whose mallows kept falling off) only to find that 3 year olds, particularly Owen, may have asked you to roast him a marshmallow, but doesn't necessarily want to EAT, or be anywhere near, the perfectly golden brown result.

  6. Kevin's burnt marshmallows tasted JUST like creme brulee (so he says). MY burnt marshmallows tasted JUST like burnt marshmallows.

  7. Don't make the rocks around the fire pit fall down, it will piss mom off. (It would piss YOU off, too, if you had spent hours and hours and hours building the gosh darn thing!)
Living in this house makes every day feel like a vacation. Here are some pictures of our really good time at the fire-pit.


Tricia said...

Heather I am so very jealous!!! The beach is in your YARD!!! Your fire ring is awesome and I wish I'd been eating marshmellows with you!!!

Heather Leigh said...

Yep, our back yard is the beach and the lake. I love it!