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Sunday, November 16, 2008

NOT Hung Over

Last night was our every other week bowling night and today, I must proudly claim that I am NOT hung over. I guess that's what happens when all you drink during the evening is Aquafina. Hmm. And I bowled pretty well, too. (Which is to say that I exceeded my 118 average twice...130 and 122 and then a respectable - for me - 115).

I considered telling everyone who was curious about me not "drinking", that I was pregnant, but the last time I joked with someone about being pregnant when I wasn't (April Fool's Day 1995) - I ended up (you guessed it) PREGNANT! So, I decided that wouldn't be a good idea. I wouldn't want history to repeat itself!! Or would I?

I'm still a little tired today, though. Bowling starts at 8:45 pm, then we get home around 12:15 am (when we're not inclined to go to the BAR after bowling), and then last night we finally fell asleep around 1am or so.

But, even though I'm a little tired, it's nice NOT to be hung over. Maybe I should try that more often...although the multitude of shots the other team was doing last night looked mighty fun, so the likelihood that I'll have a hang over the day after the next time we bowl is pretty good.

We'll see.


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See, you can still have fun and not drink :)