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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I hope she's feeling better in Heaven

Two buddies of Liam & Owen just lost their mom to cancer on Saturday. Their buddies are the same ages as Liam & Owen, 7 & 4, and my heart just breaks for them.

Although this family has lived in our neighborhood for about a year, I didn't get to know them very well, mostly because the mom was sick the whole time they lived here and basically fighting for her life...I don't think she was in a position or in the mood to extend herself to new people. Not to mention the fact that I traveled every week for 8 of the last 12 months, so even if she did want to meet new people, I wasn't around very much.

Regardless, my boys got to know her boys pretty well. And now her boys are with out a mom.

I told Liam the news yesterday at dinner. He knew their mom had been sick for a long time and that she recently had taken a turn for the worse. He was extremely sad for his two friends. He told me that we should go over to their house THAT very night after we were finished with soccer pictures and curriculum night.

When I asked him why we should go over to their house, he said we should go to tell them that we're sooooooo sorry. I told him we could go over another night, but not that night (the family was still making arrangements and I didn't want to interrupt).

Liam even included his buddies and their mom in his (legendary) bedtime prayers last night, asking Jesus to make sure that their mom was having a good time in heaven. (I'd like to think that Heaven is a "good time" kind of a place.)

So, I bought the family a card today and wrote a quick note inside. Jordyn is making a banana nut bread right now and we're going to take the bread and the card over to their house tomorrow night, which I think is the day of the funeral. (Like I said, I'm not super close with the family.)

Since Liam knows the family better than I do, I asked him if he would like to include his own note in the card as well. He really is a thoughtful boy and, of course, he wanted to write something to his buddies. He immediately knew what to say and this is what it was:

He actually wanted to end his note by saying "I hope she's feeling better" and he was going to leave it at that. But when I told him that I doubt she was "feeling better" since she had just died, he changed his note to say "I hope she's feeling better in Heaven." Which I thought was an appropriate thing to say.

And I certainly hope she's having a good time there, too.


Mindy said...

Heather, another lovely post. Liam is a sweet boy.

And Jordyn made the banana bread! What a gal!

~Amy said...

Sweet Sweet Liam :)

Errica said...

How very thoughtful of him, I wonder where he could have learned that from???